Just another day at the office…


HA – I wish! ;) I had the day off from my actual job, but had a bunch of other stuff to get done today, so I parked it on the couch for a couple hours this morning and got down to it!

(ps: my in-laws got me these Muk Luks for Christmas and they have literally not left my feet since then. I’m not a huge “slipper” girl, but they are fantastic!)


I zipped through all the important stuff while sipping coffee and catching up with the Today Show (is there anything better?!) then dug into the fun stuff like loading a ton of pictures onto the digital picture frame my parents got me for Christmas!


I’m taking the frame to work where I’ll be able to smile at rotating snapshots of my nephew Finn, friends, family and…

DSC_0006 DSC_0005

wedding cake-gate. All day long. I could not stop laughing once again over those pictures. Ohhhh, good times with baked goods!


Digital picture frames are such a great thing. I could stare at them for hours!


I finally got my booty up around noon to head over to the gym where my headphones bit the dust. :(


I was all prepared to sweat it out while catching up with House Hunters International, but when I wiggled the end around because the audio was warbled, the whole thing popped off! Drat!


Got to zip through this treadmill routine to the sound of my own huffing & puffing instead:

Time Speed Incline
0-2 4.0 1%
2-5 6.0 1%
5-10 6.5 1%
10-15 7.0 1%
15-20 7.5 1%
20-25 Increase by .1 every minute until you get to 8.0 1%
25-30 4.0 1%
30-35 7.0 1%
34-40 6.5 1%
40-45 4.0 1%
Total: 4.65 miles  

Gosh I hate sprinting at 8.0 mph. I feel like my short little legs are going to spin right off the belt! 8O

I was dripping by the end and definitely ready for lunch once I got home. First I made myself an appetizer of cheese & crackers.


Ben went to TJ’s last week to pick out some goodies for us, and came back with these Multigrain & Flaxseed Water Crackers. MY HUSBAND BOUGHT MULTIGRAIN & FLAXSEED CRACKERS. Rejoice! Go Ben!


He’s also crazy for cheese, and picked up a block of English Coastal Cheddar to pair with said crackers.


Cut and pour.


Loved the crackers, but the jury’s still out re: the cheese. It tasted like a mix of cheddar and parmesan – and I don’t LOVE parmesan. Edible though, for sure.


Chomped while I was waiting for this masterpiece to do its thang in the oven!


That’d be roasted tofu & asparagus with Trader Joe’s Thai-Style Lime Pilaf.


Roasted tofu & asparagus? Bomb. Thai-style lime pilaf? Mehhh???!! It had a little too much lemongrass in it, me thinks. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it. Good texture though. :)


I was very proud of myself for not letting social media get the best of the rest of my afternoon and paid bills, did some freelance work, returned emails and was, in general, very productive! Social media is the biggest time suck of them all.

At any rate, you knew something else was going to be made with that chicken this week – and you’re right! Tonight I made Giada’s Linguine with Chicken Ragu for dinner!


I like Giada’s recipes because her cooking philosophy is pretty much the same as mine: fewer ingredients is better + make it simple & healthy but delicious.


This recipe definitely fits the bill. It starts by sautéing shallots & garlic in EVOO with chicken thigh meat, which I subbed with my leftover shredded chicken.

DSC_0014 (2) 


After the shallots are soft, you add in a splash of dry white wine, although I had to use chicken broth. My wine rack is full of reds & sweet whites!


(IKEA :arrow: $10!)


Finally you add in a wee pinch of dried rosemary,


and 2 cups of your favorite marinara sauce.

DSC_0030 (2) 

I think we all know what kind that would be for me… ;)

DSC_0027 (2)

Toss with linguine and serve!

DSC_0042 (2)

Monday night at my house growing up was spaghetti night, and this totally takes me back. Slow-cooked taste, minimal effort.


Plus, hello, it stands up to the fork test! :D


Photos taken outside because:

  1. It is GORGEOUS out there – in the upper 30s!
  2. It is staying lighter and lighter out in the afternoons which warms my heart to no end. I know it’s the first of January, but I’m so excited for Spring!

In other news, THE BACHELOR IS BACK tonight, and not just any bachelor, oh no, it’s the most hated bachelor of all time – BRAD WOMACK! Muwahahaha!


Brad got a bad rap at the end of his season, but he’s probably my favorite Bachelor of all time. He seems the most sane and with it out of all of ’em.

I’ll admit, when he rejected BOTH girls on his final show, I was outraged.

“What an idiot!” I shouted, as my blood began to boil. “Who does he think he is?!

Now that I’ve had some time to reflect, I clearly realize that he did everyone a favor. Why would he keep dating a woman – or worse, PROPOSE – if he didn’t feel anything for her?

Leading Deanna on was crap, for sure, but I feel bad for the guy. He was just trying to do the right thing.

At any rate, I am jazzed to see the premiere tonight. Looks like from the previews that the women on the show didn’t know Brad was their Bachelor and one of them gets a little slap-happy.

Like, she literally slaps him.

This is going to be good.

‘night! :D


Have you ever had to make an unpopular decision, even though it was the right one to make? Who’s your favorite Bachelor of all time?

What’s your cooking philosophy?