Remember last week when I asked for your tips on how to get out and exercise when you just weren’t feeling it?

Well you guys came back with some GREAT ideas and I want to share them with everyone – you guys rock!


Alison: Sometimes when I don’t want to exercise, I’ll treat myself to a bigger pre-workout snack. Or just force myself to go – I enjoy it once I’m there.

Whit: I usually try to do something a little different to mix it up and kick the funkiness out of my routine. Seems to work for me!

banana: I just started running and since I run outdoors, I have to rely on clear weather. So when I don’t feel like going for a run I remind myself of the days I feel bad when it is raining and I can’t go out even if my body craves a run.

Katrina: When I don’t feel like working out I take the night off. There is usually a reason my body is saying “no thank you, please!”

Kimberly: When I don’t feel like exercising, I usually remind myself how good I feel when I am done and that is usually enough to motivate me.

Melinda: When I don’t feel like exercising (95% of it is mental anyway), I do it anyway- I tend to push myself because I know I will feel better afterwards!:D

Sarah: I find if I don’t think about the fact I don’t want to exercise, I’m tired, hungry, etc and just start getting into my exercise gear and get out the door it works wonders!

Quinn: I normally walk the pooch a little extra longer, but if I’m really beat – I sometimes try to catch up on blogs or read a fitness blog – to at least make me feel like I’m contributing to my overall fitness well-being. Great

Kristen: when I don’t feel like exercising I just tell myself I have to do 10 minutes of something, and usually when I finish the 10 minutes I want to do more!

Niki: I usually just do it!! It helps for me if I actually have something to train for because then I REALLY feel guilty if I don’t do it. Plus I just try to remember how GREAT I always feel afterwards!!

Lauren: When I don’t feel like exercising. I either don’t…I’ll just do something that feels good…brain exercise – reading or watching a good movie. OR- get my boyfriend to go for a walk with me..or get someone to do something with me. Its harder to get myself motivated when I’m alone.


Thanks ladies – I’m definitely keeping these on hand for the next time my motivation is a little low!