I have been having the most intense, specific cravings lately. Cheeseburgers, crispy peanut butter cups and absolutely anything BBQ, to name a few.

(Why can’t I ever crave fruit, by the way?!) ;)

Anyways, sometimes the cravings are so intense that it’s literally all I can do to not drive straight to the store and get the ingredients to make the dish on the spot. Cravings so strong I can literally taste the dish on my tongue days before I even fire up the stove!

Well the craving for tonight’s dinner hit so hard last week, that I immediately texted Ben to see if he was in:

Babe,” (yes, we’re babe’ers) “can we pleeeeeease have tacos next week?”

Ben hates tacos.

Hard or soft?” came the reply.

“Hard. They’ve got to be hard!”

“Chicken or beef?

“Beef. They’ve got to be beef!” (I’m telling you, this craving was intense AND specific!)


Victory! :D


Tacos for dinner – and DANG – they were good!


Just like that classic cheeseburger I was craving the other week, these tacos had to be of the tried & true variety. Hard shell, seasoned ground beef, fresh tomato, cheddar cheese, salsa & taco sauce. Nothin’ fancy. Just the good stuff.


Ok – I did amp up the volume and nutrients in my ground beef by adding a huge bowlful of torn baby spinach to the beef when it was nearly done cooking.


I have a giant bag in the fridge that needs using and, why not? :D


UGH THESE WERE SO GOOD! Just what I was craving.


Fresh-grated, sharp cheddar cheese in these babies was so key, too. I feel like the flavor of pre-grated cheese can get lost in dishes sometimes. These thick, flavorful shreds totally shined through though.


Craving fulfilled!


Things that I have NOT been craving lately?

Salads. I went through a period of like, 3 weeks where I made dinners that didn’t have anything leftover for lunches the next day, so I made and ate salad after salad, after salad after salad, instead. Bleh. Can’t even think about ‘em.

Also, candy. I know! I actually feel really weird/bad about this. Grape laffy taffy? Nah, I’ll pass. Starbursts Favereds? Eh, I’d rather have some crackers. Red sour punch straws? Pass the corn nuts. It’s weird!

In other news, to kick off Week 2 of The Fitnessista’s Summer Shape Up 2011, I buzzed through a KILLER 32 Minute HIIT Treadmill Routine after work:

Time Speed
1-2 4
2-3:30 6.5
3:30-4 7.0
4-5:30 6.5
5:30-6 7.5
6-7:30 6.5
7:30-8 8.0
8-9:30 6.5
9:30-10 8.5
10-11:30 6.5
11:30-12 9.0
12-13:30 6.5
13:30-14 9.5
14-15:30 6.5
15:30-16 10
16-30 Repeat minutes 2-16
30-32 4.0
Total: 3.51 miles

Then huffed & puffed through Workout #2. Between the run and the workout – I haven’t sweat that hard in a really long time! I’m enjoying pushing myself though.

Especially when it means I get to enjoy a little extra dessert…

Speaking of those crispy peanut butter cups… :)


Ok! Off to catch a re-run of the 2nd part of the Real Housewives of the OC Reunion Special. I had no idea it was on last night and was utterly devastated when I couldn’t keep up on the gossip with my Mom on our morning walk today! ;)

See ya’!

(and no I am not preggers – just hungry! ;) )


Have you OD’d on any foods lately?

Oh, I can add baby carrots to the list too. Ugh, I need a few weeks off!