I know I keep saying this, but today was definitely the hottest run yet!!!

Four miles of sweat-dripping, sun-blazing, breeze-missing heat. Brutes. On the plus side, I was temporarily distracted from my sticky situation when I almost ran into a massive deer on the trail! Literally, almost ran into it! I looked up around mile 3 and realized I was rapidly closing a 20 foot gap between myself and a big, brown-eyed one…and it wasn’t moving.

Apparently he/she/it didn’t hear me coming, and I wasn’t about to get hooved, so I started clapping like a mad woman. Mad, but effective. Off he/she/it went into the woods! :D

At any rate, 36 minutes later I made it home alive thanks to a couple of my fool-proof rules for surviving summertime exercise:

1. Hydrate. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids after a hot run, but, more importantly in my opinion, make sure to drink plenty before you run! I aim to drink at least 100oz of water throughout the day before a run in the summertime heat. This may be too much, or too little, for you, but for me it’s generally good.

Tip: If you don’t have a camelbak but need/want to run with water, fill a squeezable, plastic bottle that Target/Walgreens/etc sells to put your shampoo in when you travel, with water! It’s usually around 3-4 oz and perfect for a quick, hydrating sip on the run.

2. Dress properly. I can absolutely tell the difference in my performance when I run in a sleeveless tank top versus a high-neck, sleeved shirt (aka a t-shirt). You don’t need a fancy one – I wear the $6 ribbed ones from Old Navy. I stay SO much cooler when my neck and chest can breathe!

3. Remember your form. I tend to slouch and drop my head and neck when it’s super hot out, or I’m really tired during a run. This actually makes it harder to breathe, so I aim to keep my chest up and my gaze 20-30 yards ahead of me at all times.

4. Go for the gold. When it starts to get really tough, I calculate the time and/or distance I have left. Then I start repeating to myself “anybody can run for xyz minutes, or xyz miles – this is no sweat!” As I’ve often said, running is 90% mental, so giving yourself a little pep talk during a particularly hard run always helps me get through it. 

5. Be smart. If you feel too exhausted to go on, or start to feel dizzy or lightheaded – STOP. There’s a time and a place to push yourself physically, but it’s generally not in the unforgiving summer sun.

With that – go! Show summer who’s boss!

After I placed myself under an ice cold shower, I showed dinner who was boss! Well…I guess Ben did!




This time HE braved the heat to grill us some Mignon Burgers!


Juicy hamburger laced with all kinds of spices and cheese. So.freaking.good. Locals – hit up Hy-Vee to snag these pups up!


Steamed Corn.


Ok this was my contribution. Four minutes in the microwave. Super difficult. ;)


Cherries! Ok, my contribution as well. I didn’t get a chance to eat these this afternoon, so I halved & pitted them for a sweet spot in our dinners.


I wonder what these would taste like dipped in chocolate…???


Delish and a good refueling dinner. :)


Bachelorette tonight – my fave! Who will get kicked off? I say The Weatherman. Last week’s rose was a total pity rose. Come on Ali!!!

Good night!


What’s your cutoff temperature for exercising outside in the summer?

I’d say 93. That’s just stupid hot.