Uh-oh. I can feel myself starting to slip back into pajama mode.

5pm hits. It’s been a long day. The threat of rain – snow even – is right on the horizon. All you want to do is go home after work, throw on your comfiest PJs and dig into some Thin Mints… You know the feeling.


I thought I had been cured of this dreadful condition after daylight savings time started earlier this month, and we enjoyed a few days in the upper 60s, but after the third windy, grey and rainy day in a row, PJM has returned with a vengeance!

The only cure I know is to hightail it to the gym ASAP, which I forced my sleepy, lazy self to do after work today. This treadmill routine pepped me right up!

Time Speed Incline
0-1 4.0 1.5%
1-3 6.0 1.5%
3-6 6.5 1.5%
6-8 7.5 1.5%
8-9 8.0 1.5%
9-12 6.5 1.5%
12-14 7.5 1.5%
14-15 8.0 1.5%
15-18 6.5 1.5%
18-20 7.5 1.5%
20-21 8.0 1.5%
21-24 6.5 1.5%
24-26 7.5 1.5%
26-27 8.0 1.5%
27-29 6.0 1.5%
29-30 4.0 1.5%
Total: 3.35 miles  

Huffed and puffed through while giggling to the Friends episode where Monica gets her hair braided on their tropical vacation. Classic!

Pajama mode disabled. Revived self re-enabled! How do you get yourself out of "pajama mode"?

In other news, it was Trader Joe’s Night tonight. Tofu Masala!


Per the recommendation of several people, I picked up a jar of Masala Simmer Sauce and a bag of frozen naan to whip up for my favorite night of the week. :) I love the complex flavors of Indian food, and was super pumped to try it.


For one thing, it’s awfully convenient.


All you do is toss the sauce in a pan with a little water and a protein, add some veggies at the end, then serve!


I divided the sauce and made his and hers simmer skillets.


Tofu & Green Onions for her…


Chicken breast for him…


Broccoli for all! 


ps GET A SPLATTER SHIELD if you make this simmer sauce. For once I was glad I have an orange kitchen. The splatters blend right in! ;)


As the skillets simmered away, I got to work on the Naan. And when I say "got to work" I really mean "put two pieces of frozen naan in a 400 degree oven for 1 minute." No seriously. One minute!


Loooooved this Naan! Light and airy, but still chewy and dense. It’s a culinary conundrum!


The best way to enjoy a piece is to slather it with a little butter while it’s still piping hot, then scoop up the masala with a chunk of it. I am totally ok with this!


Served on a bed of rice that was made while the skillets were simmering. Really doesn’t get much easier than this folks. But…


The Grade:

Masala Simmer Sauce: 6/10. It was good. Spicier than I thought it would be, which I liked, but it was just good. Not great. I would have liked more Indian-inspired flavors like garam masala. 

Frozen Naan: 11/10. I would scoop up anything with this bread. It is to die for!

In other news, T…G…I…T (thank goodness it’s Thursday) because Thursday is my Friday, and I am so glad this week is over! I have been crazy busy at work, which is better than being bored, but still – I’m ready to relax and enjoy the weekend. Whew!

Have a good night!


Favorite Friends Character?

Definitely Chandler!!

Are you a "bread person"? What’s your favorite kind?

I find that most people either love bread, or they’re just kind of indifferent about it. Until I started eating Great Harvest bread last year, I was pretty indifferent. I had just been eating the pre-sliced, bagged bread my whole life, which I just really didn’t care about!